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Thursday, July 31, 2008

July Journal pages

When we aren't doing any "exciting" living, I spend time working (playing?) on collage pages in my art journal. The first page is based on the logo I designed for my "baby goods" ETSY store, "LILLY BEE". It features "BEing" and is built around a young woman who looks strong and happy.
Across the page is one about moving into August. The girl on a swing is a theme I have repeated throughout this particular art journal....sometimes up, sometimes down. The quote from Eudora Welty says, "All serious daring starts from within". [I remember learning to swing, how older people in my family would push me until I finally learned to "pump". That is an early memory!] The August page reflects my dilemma in making it to my high school reunion in a couple of weeks....and some other issues as well!


We have two August birthdays coming right up this son, Andrew (on the 4th) and his lovely bride, Mary (on the 1st-tomorrow!)

This photo was taken before they were married, but shows both of them so well!

This is a photo from last August when they were married. The setting is in the San Francisco peaks outside Flagstaff, AZ.

With both birthdays and their wedding anniversary this month, they had to be in the blog! I am so happy to say that they will be coming for a visit at the end of the month....more about that (you may be sure!).


Lady Laurie said...

A Happy Birthday to your son and lovely daughter in law! Her wedding dress is gorgeous!!

Janet said...

Your pages are wonderful. I still love to swing....there is a wooden swing set in our backyard (left by the previous owners) and many times I go out and swing in the afternoon!

The wedding photo of your son and his wife is so beautiful. Both birthdays and their anniversary all together!!

GreenishLady said...

Hi, Lila! I haven't been by in an age, so am just stopping by to say Hello and see what's going on these days. Your son and his wife look like such a lovely couple. Hope all their celebrations are wonderful. On gooseberries... they are very good stewed and sweetened and served with ice-cream or custard, too.

Gemma said...

I love "Lilly Bee" cute name for an Etsy store and also love the BEing part.(It's why I have a bee for a logo)
A Swing is such cool theme also!
Spiritually it connects us with our childhood and the rhythms of life that swing back and forth.
That is so cool!!! Oh and your Son and DIL are both beautiful.
Happy Birthdays and anniversary to them.

Julie said...

Happy birthday to them! Hooray for August birthdays. My husband turns 60 (gulp)on the 5th. My sister's son turns 21 on the 10th! Still remember being there when he was born. Yikes!

mermaid musings said...

Happy birthday to the beautiful couple!
Pictures are beautiful so it is your meaningful collage. Love swings!

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