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Friday, July 04, 2008

Evening folk concert in the park

Our trip to the gardens yesterday afternoon did not work out so I have no photos to show you now. Maybe next week.

Last night we attended a free concert in the park nearby. It started right after an evening summer shower which produced a beautiful rainbow (of course I didn't have my camera this time) in the dark sky looking east past the gazebo where the band was finally able to set up.

The band, Big Smith from Springfield, MO was here to play, donating their usual fee to our local "Peace at Home" shelter. (Formerly the "battered women's shelter").

They are a modern "hillbilly" family band and the music was wonderful! You can listen to them (filmed indoors a couple of months ago) here on You Tube.

( Photo above from web images...but it is our park. Photo by Slaid Cleaves.)

I always love to watch the first it was a bit sparse, but as the weather cleared and the music began, people came drifting in. Carrying their own chairs or blankets, there were some with picnics and ice chests. Dogs of all sizes and breeds (a darling chocolate lab puppy just down the hill from us was getting acquainted with a year old baby girl who had blue eyes and the beginnings of a head full of red hair.)

I always notice the large percentage of redheads in this crowd, Due, I think, to generations of local people of Scotch-Irish descent. ( some of course are not "natural" redheads but many are!)

We are a university town so the crowd is diverse and interesting.... "old hippies", real bohemians (?), dread locks below the waist, faded denim overalls with new tie-dye T-shirts, even a pair of star-spangled boxer shorts worn with red white and blue cowboy boots (both on a slender female "of a certain age"), interesting hats, sandals. I love the long flowing skirts and sleeveless dresses some of the women wear!
Sometimes I spot an family quilt brought out to use for a ground cover (they are enjoying it and I enjoy getting to see it!). Frisbees are tossed nearby....
Fire-flies come out as dusk approaches....but more clouds were approaching too!

Even with the large diverse crowd, we saw few people whom we knew....Mr. Pear, outgoing as always, engaged our local mayor and his wife in a delightful chat just as the storm clouds returned and the concert broke up because of rain, thunder and lightning. Still it had been a fun and relaxing evening!

[Note: all photos are from Google "images" ....I didn't have a camera with me!]


Sioux said...

Hi, Lila. Listened to Big Smith and really enjoyed it. We have rain threatening today, but we are going to head down to my hometown to hear Gary P. Nunn and hope it doesn't rain. We will have 3 grandchildren, one son-in-law, and a couple of extra kids. Happy Independence Day!

Mary Timme said...

What a wonderful mix this post was of nostalgia, lightening and people. Made me think of the 4th all the way.

Britt-Arnhild said...

What a pity that you didn't catch a photo of the rainbow. The two sky photos you have are divine though.

Mrs. Mac said...

Hi Lila,

I so enjoyed visiting your Indigo Pears blog ... you are quite talented and diverse in your art. You stopped by my blog via Felisol's Farside of The Sea (Norway) ... I hope to be back. Arkansas looks like hometown Americana.

mermaid musings said...

super cool!

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