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Friday, July 18, 2008

A day in a friend's garden....

Lizzzie and I visited our mutual friend, Sally in a nearby town. Their yard and garden are large, surrounding a blue frame 2-story house.
Of course, I had to photograph the young pear still growing in the tree,

and clothespins on the line!
A guardian "green man" decorates one flower bed.

My friends had on their reading glasses and were looking at antique TashaTudor books.....
I took my camera on a brief stroll around the yard.

After lunch, we stopped in at a tag sale....

Sally and I found this antique "dresden plate" quilt top....very clean and ready for me to finish!!!! [Would you believe for $2.00?]

We photographed all our new treasures, [Sally had found the little set of bird plates for 50 cents] with the layer cake Sally was about to serve us with afternoon coffee!

A happy moment!

Notice: I am now adding some things for babies to my ETSY! I quess it goes with being a cannot just paint, one must sew for the wee ones!


Shopgirl said...

You have found a beautiful quilt, and what a wonderful price...have fun....I think you are! Mary

Kelli said...

What a wonderful afternoon with a friend in her beautiful garden!

Gemma said...

Wow!!! Beautiful yard and garden. I love the clothes pin photo.
Oh those bird plates for 50 cents!Sounds like a grest day!!!

mermaid musings said...

love gardens, such a great inspiration you found there i am sure
clothespins picture and the green man are my favorites
i visited your etsy and loved what i saw ;-)

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