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Monday, June 09, 2008

[UPDATE: these three were just finished Saturday June for daughter, one for a friend and the bright one for ME!!!]

Tunics for everyone.....

I have started sewing once again. This time making tunics for all the "dolls" I like to dress. This black and white with turquoise ribbon trim is what I wore to the birthday party last Friday night...

This scanned piece of fabric and aqua ribbon is for a tunic for my daughter, Laura, and of course, then granddaughter, Lilia, will be having a bright pink matching tunic for the "mother/daughter" look!

So (sew?) if you don't find me in Blogland this week, you may find me at my sewing machine (and serger).

I did make an extra tunic....these are selling for $170.00 in boutiques. I have it in my ETSY shop for much less.


Janet said...

Those are so pretty. I especially like the aqua fabric.

I need something loose and cool for summer and I don't find much in the stores. Maybe I should get a pattern and make myself one of these.

GreenishLady said...

I heard one who knows comment on TV recently that the tunic is THE fashion-item this season, so you are bang up-to-date with these. They look great!

Lisa "Oceandreamer" S. said...

You are the second person I've read (on a blog) who has sewn themselves a garment. It has been years since I've made myself anything and there was a time I made things all the time.
This tunic looks comfortable and your fabric choices, especially the aqua, very nice!
Maybe I need to revisit the pattern books.......

Gemma said...

Lila...This is sew great!!! Love that you opened your etsy shoppe.

Naturegirl said...

Lila these are the versatile I can see many ways to wear it! Great color choice!

Shopgirl said...

Have a good time, sometimes it is nice to just get lost in the project...really nice fabric!
Hugs, Mary

Lady Laurie said...

I like your tunics ~ especially the bright one!!
Hope you are enjoying these wonderful summer days, but its not really summer yet is it? It's sure is hot enough down here!!

Mary Timme said...

Lovely stuff you are working on Lila. It is wonderful to take time to comment today after the last hectic weeks.

Sometimes you just have to do what needs doing at the time so enjoy your sewing.

Kahshe Cottager said...

Thanks Lila for your visit! I have been away so long and I am slowly re-entering the blogsphere!

Your door and you tunics are beautiful. The tunics look like they would be just the thing on a hot evening.

I wandered through your previous postings and have turned just a little green with envy when I saw all the foxgloves in your friend's garden. I have such a time getting them and the lupins to grow!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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