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Thursday, June 26, 2008

A new project!

This old suitcase has seen better days....the inside was musty and fabric faded.

Thinking that doing an "altered suitcase" would be fun, I resisted passing it on as a donation. I pulled out one side of the faded fabric and cardboard.

This revealed an old page of newspaper from 1946.
The "Evening Bulletin" from Philadelphia. Ladies wool coats were on sale for $12.00, shoes for $12.95 and furs for $169.00.
The news of the day was an article that the reigning "Mrs. America" was giving up her title in order to be home with her family. [ Her husband was proud and happy.] Also a personal note about a veteran's wife who was granted a divorce. When opening their holiday mail, she found a note to her husband from a girl thanking him for the black chiffon nightgown...

So, I may start some collage and decoupage on the outside, will try to work the old newspaper into a collage in the interior....should be fun. I'll post more photos as it evolves!


Working on the outsides of the suitcase.......both sides started. One side says "My Wish for You"...."Life's Journey" and "Enjoy", the other side has antique manuscript with "Principles of Music" and a girl with a recorder or flute-type instrument. ("Thanks, Gemma" for the book with those images!) I am using a tacky craft glue to hold this on....after I have every thing glued on, I plan to use polyurethane varnish to seal it, as it will not be "tacky" in our humid climate.


mermaid musings said...

i love that kind of suitcase!
and it seems to me this project is going to be a lot of fun for you, can't wait for you to show us the final project.
i have been busy too, with the altered book, collages, atc's, cards and playing on altering little trinkets and jars ;-)
oh yes! you bet i am having tons of fun!

Anonymous said...

Ooooh what will you pack inside, things you want in the future? What things will not make it all the way in..I wonder where that suitcase has traveled? Real or fictional places? If a suit case could talk. lizzzy

Annie said...

I have an old suitcase similar to this I found for a song way back when. I use it now for storage but altering is a cool idea too.

That old note is such a hoot - well now it is anyway - and cleraly there was a world of trouble for the guy who didn't understand the world "fidelity".

Gemma said...

Lila...this is so cool! Love it!!!
This will be a beautiful place for keepsakes and what nots!

Janet said...

I have an old suitcase that belonged to my grandma and I've thought about doing something with it....but it's so big and so heavy! I wonder what I'd find if I removed the inner lining on it!

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