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Monday, June 02, 2008

I'm back...I could go pick up the paint brush and finish the trim in the breakfast room...but I stopped to read e-mails.
I get this little comic strip daily in my e-mail (because my name is Lila and I couldn't resist), The Meaning of Lila. Today's strip shows that Lila has a blog. Funny! ?

[I really think she is a more shallow and superficial "Lila" than I am! Also a generation younger???]

In addition to the comic strip and e-mail, I have been reading "Three Cups of Tea" which I highly recommend!

I have just started reading, "The Kite Runner", and think I will like it, too ( though I know it is intense, so we'll see.)

I'll post some photos of my backyard "secret garden" soon....I was inspired by visiting my friend Paula's garden!


Annie said...

Hi Lila, Just found 3 Cups . . . in a stack of books. Forgot I had it. I'll read this after Harry #7 is finished. Oh, AND!!!! I just got my first book in the mail. Someone actually followed up on the book trade chain letter. Usually, nothing ever comes my way. It is a book on tape by Jeffrey Deaver who is very intense and creepy. Love his writing.

Shopgirl said...

Happy reading...I have missed you!
New address...starting over. Server became a train wreck.

The Sparrow's Heart said...

I will check out 3 Cups of Tea that sounds interesting.
xoxo Nita

GreenishLady said...

haven't come to 3 cups of tea yet, but I loved the Kite Runner. Hope you will too.

Janet said...

I'll add Three Cups of Tea to my reading list. My daughter read The Kite Runner and said I would like it even it is maybe I'll add it, too.

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