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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Home again, home again....

I came home in a tow truck, up the new interstate through the beautiful hills and mountains on Northwest Arkansas!

This trip could have cost more than flying.....thank goodness for insurance covering the tow charge!

This interstate has many high bridges (see photo) and a short tunnel. The scenery was even better from the high cab of the tow truck. I could see the gurgling streams and winding roads below us.

I have always felt, when going through the tunnel, that the climate changes dramatically and that I am entering a different "zone". Sort of like "Brigadoon"....but that is only my imagination.

Our area is changing and growing rapidly with world headquarters for Walmart just up the road (I try not to shop at any Walmart stores, BTW)....inspite of all the new arrivals, we still have cool breezy summer mornings and plenty of "local color".

I will be home now to enjoy those as my car will be at the dealer's repair shop until they can get to it later in the time to garden, read, sew and do art. Next week, I may be going back to work....
My new garden flag which says "Welcome" when the breeze blows. (Of course, having hung it out, I will have to be hospitable to most who drop in on me! LOL!)
And while dealing with my broken down car, I found a "greenman" planter on sale!
He rode home with me in the tow truck and is now adding his happy spirit to our backyard!


mermaid musings said...

what an adventure!
p.s. love that greenman planter

Julie said...

Re: Your Green Man. Every cloud (broken down car) has a silver lining (beautiful new garden ornament).

I hope your car is fixed soon. I was without mine for six weeks and it just about killed me. Everyone in Bismarck drives.

Kudos to you for not shopping at Wally World. I don't either.

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