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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I am delighted to report that I had a wonderful night's sleep in the 'bed and breakfast' on the town square in Holly Springs, Mississippi last night! There was a soft rain falling, and the few Christmas decorations around the square were of holly and of snowflakes! Very understated and our Christmases used to be!
This was the most comfortable bed in the world, and the town was totally quiet all night (it is a very small town!!!). I have never slept in such a "high" bed....I almost needed stairs to get into it!LOL!
Now I'm happy to back in Arkansas, and home to my life!!!! I will visit your blogs as soon as I catch up on visiting my other friends!!! [Can't believe it is almost Christmas!]


Julie Marie said...

Dear Lila,

I have been waiting for an "I'm back at home!" post. I am glad you made it home safely. Your B & B experience sounds wonderful. Don't work too hard hanging your show this weekend and good luck with sales, in case you get too busy to post for while.



Lady Laurie said...

That is a beautiful room, I love staying in bed and breakfasts instead of hotels!! I know its always good to be home after a trip!!

Lisa S. Oceandreamer said...

I had to come by as it's been SO long and wish you well. See that all is right in your world and drop off a little love. I'm so glad you're back home!

Mary Timme said...

Welcome home. Isn't it great to be back even though I know you had a great time helping your daughter! We did a little impromtu shopping today as DH needed a new watch and some sweat pants. Anything you buy this time of year get labeled with a Merry Christmas at our house.

Gemma said...

Welcome home Lila!!!

Annie said...

Even with the rush of Christmas preparations (and quilt hangings) you'll probably feel like everything is smooth and easy now that you're back home (or almost back home) with no baby.

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