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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Outside the weather was cold and gray....but we made things warmer!......

A busy day hanging the holiday quilt show in the parish hall!

The quilts made by me (in the first photo) and by my friend Tracie, really add warmth to the large multi-use room! Here Tracie and Katherine are making final adjustments on a quilt of mine! The other colorful quilts on that wall are by Tracie.

Here are my four paper quilts, representing the 4 seasons....they were lots of fun to do, using magazine pages and tissue paper along with gesso and acrylic paints. [ I do wonder if making these and quilting them after painting had something to do with the major repair now needed by my Bernina? Hmmmm. I was following directions in "Cloth, Paper, Scissors" , magazine and the machine did not seem to mind stitching thru all that paper and paint at the time. However, when I tried to use it to machine quilt my latest fabric quilt, it made horrible clanging noises and now needs to go the experts at a major Bernina repair center...for a $400.00 repair. ]

The show will hang until mid January. After that, I may sell those paper quilts on ETSY.


My other big project for this weekend is to get our Christmas decorations up (Hey, I've been out of town!)

Last year we had lots of extended family coming to be with us for Christmas. This year is just not the same!!!!


pomegranatesandpaper said...

Oops! Do you think the residual paint on the needle gummed up your sewing machine? I was looking forward to making these myself but now I will wait to see what your repairguy says!

The show looks gorgeous. I love all the quilts - esp yours!

p.s. can you send me your home addy again?



Julie Marie said...

The first word I thought of when I saw your photos was "Warmth"!

Sorry about your sewing machine. Ouch!!!


miss*R said...

those paper quilts are gorgeous!

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