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Thursday, August 02, 2007

This young man, trying on his wedding suit, is my son, Andrew.

This Saturday is his 25th birthday.

.....and, we are very happy to be going to his wedding next week!!!!

In getting ready to go, I have looked through old albums, Mary, the bride wanted a few photos for a bit of entertainment at the wedding reception....looking back...

I found myself remembering a lot of good times!

Andrew's traits-

A wonderfully athletic and happy child! Easy to be with and dependable!
Not to mention curious and creative....he took his "air Jordan" tennis shoes apart just to see how they worked!
[I wasn't too happy about that one, considering how expensive they were!!!!] He loved to construct and devise year Santa gave him duct tape in his stocking!
So for the moment, I am lost in Nostalgia. There are good and bad things about being here....and I cannot stay too long because the NOW moment is calling.
NOW, I need to pack for the trip, clean up my house, rest from that last weekend of doing overnight inventory shifts where I work and get ready to return to work (normal daytime shifts) through this weekend!
So I may not be blogging as much as usual....but I will be thinking of things to post once I return!


Carmen said...

LOL with your sons memories!
I did the same with my dolls, LOL

You pictures are wonderful, You are BEAUTIFUL Lila!

I am going to miss you but I will be here waiting for more joyful news and some pictures of the wedding!
Happy birthday to your son!

Annie said...

He looks like both you and his dad - a beautiful boy and man.

PEA said...

Happy Birthday to Andrew and the very best to him on his wedding day!!! Loved seeing the pictures of him growing up and reading what his traits are...I'm still laughing at him taking apart his Air Jordan shoes! lol xox

LisaOceandreamer said...

What a handsome fellow!! And now about to be someones husband. I don't have children of my own but I know how fast the years go by. One minute they are riding their bike down the street for the first time....the next about to be married.
Please wish him a very happy birthday and congratulations on the upcoming wedding! Can't wait to hear all about it when you return.

Sweetpea said...

hope u have a wonderful time xx

Julie Marie said...

Your son is very handsome and sounds like a wonderful person. I enjoyed your trip down memory lane. You have a delightful family. Don't stress yourself out too much and be sure to relax once you are on your way. Have a great time at the wedding and if we don't hear from you until you get back, well, that's fine!


Lady Laurie said...

Children grow up so fast! I think your son looks so much like is father.
You must all be getting very exited about the upcoming wedding!!

Mary Timme said...

And I haven't been around much for awhile, but what a handsome young man. I wish him and his bride many happy times.

Rowan said...

Happy Birthday to Andrew and congratulations on his marriage, I hope he and his wife will be very happy.

Kahshe Cottager said...

What a special weekend - a birthday and a wedding to celebrate! Thanks for sharing your trip down Memory Lane. I am looking forward to hearing all about the new memories you will come home with!

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