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Friday, August 17, 2007

This is the art print which I gave to had come into my life at an artist's reception for Alice Lynn Greenwood. Alice's spiritual journey can be felt through viewing her art....for instance she has a pink rhinoserous in much of her work, its job is to help protect her another painting, "Dating Neptune", she is a mermaid....and one shows her exhausted by a riverbed and says something about needing to find a blackbird. This piece shows the blackbird with a broken heart in it's beak. In Celtic lore, the blackbird figures as a guide to the underworld.....

Immediately after finding this art, I was greeted by crows everywhere...and found out that they are my totem animal...I even heard them cawing softly at my son's wedding!

Gemma has the crow totem too so I know this was meant for least for now!

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Lisa-Oceandreamer-S. said...

What a wonderful opportunity to meet one another! It's always such a fabulous moment to finally meet a blogger friend in person! I loved the art you gave her. All 3 of you are beautiful in that photo!

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