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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Spending the weekend with my mom and cooling off at the movies!

Yesterday, Mom and I saw "Hairspray"....with a very talented young newcomer playing the lead role of Tracy.

We laughed out loud at least that was a success!

Last Monday, I saw "Stardust". It too made me laugh as 400-year old witch, Michelle Pheifer, was battleing age spots with magic spells!

This is becoming habit-forming so I'm planning to go to the matinee to see "Becoming Jane" this afternoon......movies are cool and it is about 100 degrees here in the afternoon. I love the visual delights in period pieces like this one....the costumes, houses and English countryside!

I have been knitting socks [that is "knitting on socks"...I am not whipping out pair after pair!] and reading "The Yarn Harlot", the funny essays of knitterStephanie Pearl-Mcphee. She writes and knits with apparent abandon!

My niece and great niece from Wisconsin are here to take Mom up to the dairy farm for a I will be giving all of them a lift to the Little Rock airport early Monday morning.
The niece brought us a dairy-land treat....squeaky curds....yes, cheese so freshly made that it squeaks when you bite into it!

I'll be back later to post about the other book I am reading....(I visited a locally owned bookstore in my hometown last week and found two non-fiction....the Yarn Harlot, and a book about the naturaly history of the palette...colors, you know. ) I am considering reading "The Golden Compass", chosen for the children's book club on the Today Show. I also saw previews of the movie based on the fantasy book at the theatre yesterday. More about this later!


Janet said...

I want to see Becoming looks like my kind of movie. I enjoyed Hairspray before so I'm sure I'd like this one, too. Stardust is another one I want to see. Thanks for the quickie review.

Tammy said...

I want to see all three of these! They sound great in their own unique ways!!

I read the Golden Compass (and the next two in the series as well!) And I loved it!! I am excited about the movie! Very well written in my opinion!

Julie Marie said...

Did you get to see "Becoming Jane"? I had intended to go this past weekend but never got around to it. Hope it will still be there on Saturday.


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