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Sunday, July 22, 2007

"There shall be eternal summer in the grateful heart"...Celia Thaxter

I am again posting a painting of a window....this one by Childe Hassam, (pronounced "child"), American Impressionist (1859-1935).

Here is a lady at a window,with a geranium on the windowsill. It is called "Summer Evening". I love the reds and golds, even the whites are warm whites, her dress and hair from a more romantic time....the late afternoon light is pouring in and casting shadows.

Hassam was a friend of well-known gardener and writer, Celia Thaxter who lived on an island with a light house, off the coast of Maine [ or New Hampshire. (Appledore Island)]

Childe Hassam did this painting of her garden in 1890. It is both cozy, the rocks and flowers ground us, and expansive with the sea and sky in the distance!

Celia, a poet, wrote a wonderful book about this garden (which you can still visit, as it is maintained today) called Island Garden which was illustrated by Hassam. A lovely book to own!
This is a recent photo of Celia's garden....more than 100 years have passed...
this is from Claire Murray's award-winning magazine, "La Vie Claire", Spring 2006. Back issues are available....(this particular issue also had an article about Tasha Tudor!)


Gemma said...

Lila I really like both of those paintings...Can't believe how quickly you finished your basement..Looks awesome.

Julie Marie said...


I have that book and love it, not only for Hassam's paintings, but for Celia's writing. It's still one of the best gardening books around. Her favorites were the sweet peas, and I've never been able to grow them.


PEA said...

Two very beautiful paintings...I've always wished I could paint but it wasn't meant to be:-) My oldest son, though, is quite a talented artist and many of his paintings and drawings won awards throughout the years he was in High School and University. These days, he doesn't have much time for it, unfortunately!! xox

Mary Timme said...

Hi Lila,

Nice paintings! I thought the first was particularly neat and liked the second one, as it has an out-of-doors, breezy feel.

I've done my 8 things, but it became 9! Tomorrow I'm hoping to post the next challenged I received.

LisaOceandreamer said...

I like both but I LOVE the first one especially.

and I adore red geraniums, there is just something sweet and simple about them.


lizzzzzzzy said...

I love visiting your blog, it is like a visit with you, simple interests, a nd little snap shots of life. I like MR. Pear more and more all the time. A peek into the daily life of a friend. lizzzzzzzzzzzzzy

lila said...

Thank you all for visiting...I wish we could have a tea party on her island!

Julie Marie said...


Thank you for adding the picture of the garden as it is today. I didn't know it was still maintained and open for visitors. Yes, I wish we could have tea there. And to think that she had to bring all her seedlings over via rowboat! She had the same feelings about slugs as I do - get 'em all!

I wish I had been buying La Vie Claire from the beginning. I guess I thought it was to expensive.



Carmen said...

I love paintings! The colors are so peaceful. I am glad you have that gift.
Thanks for sharing this.

Bimbimbie said...

Love the sense of continuation and care of this garden throughout the many years. I will go visit through the link. Beautiful painting of the lady at the window *!*

Annie said...

Hi Lila, You've got a wonderful project underway I think.

I just finished ready Anita Shreve's The Weight of Water and Celia Thaxter figures, obliquely, in it.

E~li~si said...

Thanks for visiting my blog today!
I am enthralled with art and you seem to be so knowledgeable about I just know what I like...I don't know who does what...
The picture of the sky over the garden was my favorite!

Anonymous said...

like both paintings, but I really love the first one. Love the sunrise/sunset colors. Love Hugs and Blessings

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