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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Excavating my Past......

This is the current state of the great "dig out".

My sewing corner with quilt books and my steadfast Bernina...(I also have a Singer featherweight which has already been carried up the stairs...great little jewel of a machine!)

All of this will be toted up and gone through....and Mr. Pear will bring up the pine box (hmmmm!? 'pine box' , should I really be burying some of this stuff?!)
and the walnut chest of drawers,.... after I carry up the drawers!
Then just lamp and a couple of is a pine kitchen table from England....

[I really thought I would be too busy to post while doing this, but I am finding that doing the post satisfies my creative drive for the moment and gives me a wonderful rest from the mental and physical chore of dealing with this! It is kind of fun and humorous to spend time with all of this "stuff" again.]

Meanwhile in another part of the room we find...2 more chests of drawers sans drawers, as I have already carried those up....and a desk, a green plastic storage stacker ( that has to go!)....and a printer.

A John Kerry for President poster (which I had kept to hold my own against the loud opinions of Mr. Pear , the "hawk".)

A pink laundry basket from a local antique mall filled with paintings and canvases.....

And an old matted drawing of a still life from art studies.....India ink. My professors set up the fascinating still life of rusty auto fender, hub cap, old shoe, animal jaw bone and rubber end of a plunger....

Now that this has been water damaged, I was able to finally "trash" it....after taking the photograph...(oh, the things we cling to!!!!)

Another bit "unearthed"............a photo from a day in Paris in May of 1971.

Miss Lila in front of the Eiffel Tower!

This photo reminds me of the generosity of my parents who made this dream of a trip to Europe come true for me after my graduation from college.

Thank-you Mom and Dad! I had a great time and still have wonderful memories!

Now it's time to carry up some more!!!


Wendy said...

Hoping you enjoy the work of sorting and organizing your treasures. As opposed to "whistle while you work" - you are "posting while you work". A modern day twist on something to make the job more pleasant.

lila said...

You are right Wendy!

Mary Timme said...

Oh it really is a acheological dig! How cool! What kids we were in 1971, and so cute, too.

Gemma said...

Too bad you had to trash that old India ink still life....that was cool....I would've saved it at least as long as you did....What work to go through all the stuff...there are some sacred things in there.

PEA said...

When you have to go through stuff like this, isn't it amazing to find out what we've kept all these years?? Hey, what better way to spend a break than by blogging about what you're doing! lol xox

Annie said...

Hi Lila,

I often find that I'm inspired to take on big tasks like yours after I've stayed in someone else's home for a few days. Was that what prompted you to re-organize your workplace?

And, welcome home. Annie

lila said...

Annie, I have been at Mom's and so need to do this at her house...but she is not wanting that! On top of that, we had plumbing that went awry and a bit of a flood down it was time!!!!
I think the new moon is perhaps giving me a bit of energy to deal with this.

LisaOceandreamer said...

Carrying desks upstairs? Carrying dresser upstairs? Who are you Super Lila? lol! This is the time that things do pop up you may have completely forgotten about...almost like opening a hidden vault.
OK I'm a tad envious of that Bernina and dress form!
Be careful, lift with your knees!

Lady Laurie said...

I love that line "the things we cling to" I have learned to let go of quite a few things in the last two years!
Keep us informed of all the neat treasures you uncover!!

lila said...

I slept like a rock (with a little help from Aleve) after all those trips up the stairs....I was only carrying the drawers and their contents, not the furinture itself!
(That is why I have Mr, Pear! Also, it is a half basement so he took some things out the back door down there...)

Carmen said...

I am glad you blog about all of your treasures and what you did, althought I would have liked to be there and see them in person.
You are tagged by the way.

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