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Friday, May 18, 2007

This is a bouquet from my flower bed a pitcher from the flea
market......."stella d'ora" lilies!

Finally, this year the astilbe is taking that soft pink feathery bloom!


Kelli said...

What a beautiful bouquet, Lila!

Mary Timme said...

I liked the 7 things and wonder why it didn't give me a place to hit the post, so I'm doing it here! Those were fun. Thank you for sharing.

Annie said...

I think the butterfly on your forehead is a lovely thing.

Julie Marie said...


Thank you for calling me the Book Maven instead of the Book Nazi.


Kara said...

Blogger caused me the same trouble with comments yesterday. Go back to your post as if you were going to edit it. Then look down into the bottom left corner - just above the publish post button. You'll see a little phrase saying post options. Click on that and below you will see options for comments. For some reason blogger decided to make mine don't allow. I changed it to allow and published the post and fixed the problem.

By the way, I came to visit you via Greenishlady's links. Could you tell me what that plant is with the feathery pink flowers - it's fascinating.

Kara said...

duh, you told me astilbe - sometimes I get ahead of myself.

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