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Thursday, December 21, 2006

This is a rather faded photo from
Christmas past.....1969. It was taken by my boyfriend (now my husband) who was trying out his new Minolta. It is a candid shot of me in the living room of my family's farmhouse watching our black and white TV. I love the old-fashoined tree with the tinsel and glowing lights.

Ever the fiber/fashion lover, I am wearing a brown tunic vest which I crocheted that fall.
It is over a beige polyester sheath dress with
a mini-skirt! College women's dress code in those days would not allow us to wear trousers unless the sidewalks were icy (rare in Arkansas)...but we could wear mini-skirts!
Crocheted vests are popular now again....but i'd have to wear it over something other than a mini-skirt!
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Janet said...

I just love old photographs. The tree is beautiful and I think it looks so much prettier than some of the ones done now.

I had a crocheted poncho that my aunt made for me about that same year. Ponchos had another surge of popularity a couple of years ago. I guess everything old is new again. And like you, if mini-skirts are "in" I'll have to pass!

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