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Thursday, December 07, 2006

This is a book I would enjoy for relates to a gift I have yet to finish.

My mother and I were browsing in a flea market in October and found several vintage they and some glass reamers (for making lemonade) were carried home with us to be gifts.

I still have one reproduction vintage apron to we couldn't find as many aprons as we could think of gals who "needed" them. The fabric and aqua bias tape are waiting downstairs with the pattern. I know I will "get to it" soon. My pattern has a children's version too! (It is Simplicity4692).

In today's mail, I got a card from Mom and a clipping about this website and book . A gallery of vintage aprons, and stories about them....the book is selling out.

This is my most recent painting. I have to keep doing watercolors even in the business of Christmas... it's just something that feeds my soul. Also, I won't let myself cook the beautiful winter squash...the little pale one is a 'sweet dumpling' squash....until I have captured them on paper.

You can only see what fits on the scanner here....

This was yesterday....I've refined it more and am loving the 300 lb. watercolor has a wonderful "tooth" that catches and holds the paint beautifully!

This link will take you to the apron site too.


AnnieElf said...

Love the soft colors of the watercolor. Area WCs just the best?

Janet said...

Beautiful painting....I love the soft colors, too.

When I think of all the aprons my mom and grandmas had over the years it makes me sad that I didn't keep even one of them! They were an essential item back then, and worn every day.

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