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Saturday, December 30, 2006

These are photos of our Christmas Brunch the breakfast nook.

My daughter and her hubby....then an overview with my Mom, my son and his fiancee, and me in red....

It was a sunny Christmas morning and we had 18 happy people here!

I loved having a full house!

In the past day, I have had a good moment in homemaking and a less wonderful moment reflecting my vacillating homemaking skills....

The first "good" one....was feeling wonderfully competent for mending a corner tear in the fitted flannel sheet for our bed...the "frugal" housewife was triumphant!

Before long though, I realized that I had clogged the kitchen sink by putting a "brick "of old macaroni and cheese down the garbage disposer without running plenty of water!!!!!
(I was hurrying to go pick up the cat from being my daughter has an allergy to cats! Then planning to drive to visit my friend as I was feeling lonely!) No excuse! I need to slow down and pay attention!

This (needing to pay attention to the real world) is an on-going theme in my posts......

The plumber just came and we payed weekend rates to have the pipes I can make brunch!


Gemma said...

Hi Lila....I enjoyed looking back over your recent posts. Your son lives in Flagstaf Az? So does my daughter...Looks like you had alot of fun with family all around.
xoxo Happy New Year

Pretty Lady said...

Beautiful pictures!!! You have a friend in sunnny SD!!!!!!!

Patry Francis said...

Happy new year to you!

Janet said...

You have a lovely family. And I applaud you for doing the mend on the sheets. I tend to be somewhat frugal at times. And I can relate to the clogged garbage disposer as I did that one year on none other than Thanksgiving morning! My hubby had to get under the sink and make a big mess and he was not very pleased with me!! But I did learn my lesson about using the garbage disposer!

Arty Lady's blog said...

Lilia, I wish you a very Happy 2007

Hugs Liz

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