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Monday, December 11, 2006

A quiet Monday morning....before going in to work.
this is a window ledge with a small grouping of angel and sheep figurines. The aqua angel is my sister's from the 1950s. Others have more recent vintages....the sheep were a gift from my dear friend Lisa. (Who once received a sheep of her own for Christmas. The sheep gave her fleece she could spin and then knit!)

Nearby is our creche from the 1980's....Another of my friends had the family tradtion of having the empty creche waiting ..... moving Mary and Joseph closer each day of Advent...until Christmas eve, when they would reach the stable and baby Jesus would appear in the manger!


Pretty Lady said...

Beautiful Nativity set and I like the idea of getting closer every day. Thank you Lila

lila said...

As I look at the creche, I think adding a palm tree would be really "cool"....I'll see what I can find...

AnnieElf said...

Love your Fontanini creche. We have the same one!

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