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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Just as the postman pulled away form the curb with the Christmas cards I had just written this morning, I realized that I had put them out in the box with last year's Christmas stamp on the them!
They will arrive postage due at my friend's homes.
That will get their attention!

Just one of the little moments in the life of a pack rat...( and an indication of how quickly Christmases come and go and postal rates go up anymore!).

This is a scanned image of the moleskine page I was doing for today when I realized, as I pasted on the Christmas Madonna stamp from a card I received last week, that my stamps (in the folder below the page) were old!

The page is a pen and ink with watercolor crayons and watercolor of our poinsettia. It is ten days until Chrismas.... and I have 10 hours of work this afternoon and evening with the longer store hours...however, I must say shoppers are not swarming in this year....must be shopping on line or opting for simpler Christmas celebrations!

First I'll stop by the holiday open house at the gallery with my watercolors!

In a week, my family will begin arriving!


Janet said...

I had to laugh at the postage stamp thing. That sounds like something I would do! I, too, am a pack rat!

The painting of the poinsettia is lovely. I must try some of those watercolor crayons. What kind do you use?

lila said...

The watercolor crayons are Karat Aquarell by Staedtler. I have a small box of 12 colors. they blend very well with water and have vibrant color.

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