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Friday, December 01, 2006

Almost "snowbound" is what I would title this post...

I am home cleaning my art space/guest room. It is a bit like an archeological dig.
How does time go by so fast? and I still have unfinished projects?

These are 2 scanned views of a block from an applique quilt I started for my son in 1993...One reason we moved here was so that he could enjoy a bit of playing in the snow as part of his childhood!

That year I opened a quilt shop, "Quilt Your Heart Out". One of the quilts that was very popular at the time was the "Snowbound" quilt by Jan Patek (& she had 2 partners) seemed like the perfect thing to make......I started, we had classes...I made a few blocks and collected lots of fabric...grays for the sky were not easy to find....
Then spring came and working on this was not as exciting, plus I needed to make many new "shop models" to sell the next classes.
For a year or two, Andrew would ask me if I was working on his "Snowbound" quilt...I got it out from time to time...but never made much progress....finally he quit asking.

Now he is 24 and is bringing his fiancee here for Christmas....I am knitting a pair of socks for him. There is no way that I will try to finish this quilt.... until maybe for a grandson....!

The other part of today that makes it "almost snowbound" is our current weather. We got ice and snow yesterday and last night. When we awoke and turned up the furnace this was 19 degrees outside...the heat would not come on!!!!! (We do have a working fireplace too and my art room has its own little heat pump, so I didn't suffer) I was "snowbound" today waiting for the furnace repair man and for the roads to clear.
An appropriate day to spend a bit of time looking at the blocks from the "Snowbound" quilt and that great collection of fabrics just waiting to be sewn into the next few blocks....


Janet said...

I, too, have many unfinished projects. Way too many!

We were down into the teens last night, too but our furnace didn't go out. I hope yours is fixed by now and you're warm and snuggly. At least you have the fireplace and the heater in your art room. That's a good excuse to just stay in your art room and create!

Daisy Lupin said...

You had a very lucky escape with the towel and towel bar, yes your guardian angel was really looking after you.

I think we all have a box of unfinished projects somewhere in our homes. Mine seem to be mostly unfinished cross stitch pieces. Although a few months ago I came across a crocheted throw I began making nineteen years ago, and I finished it, and it now draped over the chair in our bedroom. I promise myself all projects will get finished one day.

Diana said...

I like your "snowbound" and it is hard to finish after they sit for a while. I really like the big dog in that piece, maybe you can finish it by going off with your own ideas now. That seems to be the only way I can complete an old project, just finish it in a way that suits who I am now. Only flurries here so far but very cold out.

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