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Monday, October 02, 2006

We have just returned from a road trip to the west...
Visiting our son, Andrew and his fiancee, Mary who live in Arizona.
It is a lovely time of year there, the air is cool and dry. Because of the altitude, the air is also thin which takes some getting used to.

These are the red rocks of Sedona which are very dramatic. While Andrew and Mary were at work and university during the day, we made our own excursions into the surrounding area. It was just delightful!

I didn't do any painting while there...we just kept
moving, but I took photos to work from later.

On one of these side trips, we went south from Flagstaff, down Oak Creek Canyon toward Sedona. After winding down the mountain on hairpin curves, the road became cool and shady along Oak of my favorite stops was just by the roadside, where we could look down at the creek running gaily over the rocks and skirting boulders. Across the creek, the bank was striated red sandstone which made a lovely background for the white trunks of a group of slender young aspen trees. It was absolutely quiet excapt for the sound of the flowing creek and the slight breeze moving the trees.

Later, in Sedona, which was crowded with many fellow baby boomers and retirees..(how can we be seniors?!!!),
I convinced Steve to let me visit the local quilt shop.
It was very busy....quilters from all over stop in as they pass through in their large RV's. It brought back many memories of the years I spent running my own quilt shop...many of the fixtures were the same ones I had used in my business. I was on a mission to find bright colorful fabircs for the wedding quilt I am designing for
Andrew and Mary. The theme is alpine wildflowers.
(I will post photos of the quilt as it evolves.) I also wanted a "fat quarter" for each of my quilting friends.

(These are quarter yards of fabric, made by cutting half yards horizontally....making an 18"x21" piece)

On Friday, Andrew and Mary drove us to the Grand Canyon of the Colorado River. One of the seven wonders of the world!!!! We had a lovely lunch at a resautrant on the rim of the canyon and them hiked along the rim for a couple of was amaing to look down on soaring birds and to be able to see for miles. From some overlooks, you could see the Colorado River far below. Andrew has helped with some of the raft trips on the lower part of the River and would like to continue doing that.

Although there were people from all over the world visiting that day, it was not too crowded....such a vast place! I feel we were blessed to be there that day because, the following day, Saturday, was Free Admission Day for all national parks.....many more folks would be sharing the view and facilities..... Posted by Picasa

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