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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

This new inspiring book for watercolor (watercolour in Britian!) came just before I went to teach the workshop yesterday!

I considered it to be a good omen and it was. The workshop was fun , the setting at a retreat center on a mountain top here was wonderful...sunny and lots of fall color.

These were beginners so we painted autumn things...their retreat is called "Leaves of Gold" . We did a negative painting (which emphasizes the outline shape) using maple leaves gathered from outdooors and a positive (realistic ) still life of pears (which are in season now!)

Shirley Trevena is a British watercolor artist whose work I just love. She is in love with color as I am....what a great teacher! I would love to take a workshop with her!


Daisy Lupin said...

The book looks lovely, I have always liked the idea of watercolours, but can't see how I would do it, my art seems to very defined and sometimes outlined. Not wonderful washes of colour at all, I would love to try sometime though.

Pretty Lady said...

I love to look at those kind of books. I can't help it I love colors and books.

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