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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

This is an angel collage which has been hanging in our
parish church
this month......(why do my italics keep

I created it to celebrate the feast of St. Michael and
All Angels, which was Sept. 29th. It was a challenge as I am not really caught up in the angel "thing".

There seem to be at least two kinds of angels, the sweet, guardian- helper angels and the avenging angels. I suppose we need both kinds in our spirituality, though I, of course, would prefer the kinder, gentler variety!

The names of most angels end in "el"....Raphael, Uriel, Michael, Gabriel....this "el" is even at the end of the word "angel".
I think it means "of God" .

Angels are messengers of God.

The feast of St. Michael is associated with desserts made with blackberries because of the legend.. ... When St. Michael fought with the devil and threw him out of heaven, the devil landed in a bramble patch. (Rather like the briar patch of the Uncle Remus stories!?) Posted by Picasa

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