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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

One last look at summer by posting watercolor paintings which
I have painted this season!

The flowers of summer, zinnias, sunflowers, marigolds, hosta leaves (thanks for that idea, Paula!) , coxcomb, bells of ireland, and lots of brilliant red snapdragons combined with the fruits and vegetables of the season!

Some of these are sold, others are avaiable at a local gallery.

I will be teaching a watercolor workshop in a couple of weeks to people on retreat at our local mountain top Methodist retreat center....we should be in the midst of fall color by then.

Lots of inspiration for painting watercolor comes with the brilliant maples and other leaves turning..... and of course, pears are in season and they are a great subject for beginners to paint!

(one down side to doing a takes away from other creative time!)
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Daisy Lupin said...

LOvely watercolours, and I have read your other posts. At long last I know what a fat quarter is in length and how it is made. Thank you. I do like the angel collage.

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