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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Comtemplating Aspen.....

One of the sights I was looking forward to on our trip out West was seeing the aspen trees after they turn to gold!

They were not as easy to find as I had thought....maybe autumn is a little later this year....when I lived in Denver, as a child, we could always count on seeing golden aspen on my grandmother's birthday, September 23rd.

I did see several groves of aspen on our drive to the Grand Canyon on Friday....but we didn't have time to stop.

Our last morning there, we went hiking in a place called "Priest's Draw". I was able to sit quietly in the shade and be with the wonderful morning. Every so often, a slight breeze would disturb the quiet and the leaves would begin their quivering dance. Some leaves would even be freed by the wind and then swirl, fluttering softly to the ground.

They are like golden coins....and also remind me of the
book by my friend Macrina Wiederkehr, "A Tree Full of Angels". To learn more about Macrina's book, click on this link: Posted by Picasa

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