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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Another story of sychronocity....

(My spell checker isn't working on this?)

We went to an artist's reception for Helen Kwiatkowski
(see her little helen series here .
In addition to her Little Helen series, we loved her icons of Mary.

Another friend was there...she just happened to be the reporter from our we ended up in the society pages....with Mary behind us! (I always refered to the other photo as the 3 pretty ladies....I didn't know who they were other than that Lindsey was the gallery director.)

I was expecting my friend Macrina to visit that weekend, as it was her birthday. Well it was also Helen (the artist's) birthday and the gallery director Lindsey's birthday.... rather eeerie!

The next week, I realized I was seeing the brunette on the national news with her husband...a Walmart executive. (You can research that story if you wish).

Weeks went by and one Saturday I was at "old" friend from our Lamaze class days came along hadn't seen her in maybe 20 years (too long!)....and she was in our part of the state visiting her "old" friend, who as it turns out, was the third, smiling, "pretty lady" in the photo!

It was another example of how we are all connected whether we realize it or not!

I have another artist's reception to attend this weekend....I can hardly wait!

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