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Monday, May 23, 2016

Wow! Now May is almost gone!

We started the month in Idaho!

Visiting our son and his family!

He has two wonderful boys, ages 4 1/2 and 1, but has requested that I don't use their photos on my Blog.

I understand.

While there, we went to the downtown Saturday market.


Saw these beautiful flowers there!



We hiked two different days!

One hike was on the Oregon trail! I gathered the smell! All that sunshine and fresh desert air!

AND wind, forget "good hair"!


Along with the sagebrush, these wild flowers (and others) were everywhere!

When we got home, I made 9 of the smudge sticks with the sage, adding lavender, rosemary and rose buds.. ..


My project on our trip was this knitted scarf for granddaughter, Lilia!

Very simple pattern using NORO yarn which changes color as you knit. I love it!

Back home, we started cleaning out and decluttering!

I found this weaving which I had done I. The early 1970's. Spruce and aspen trees.

And this tapestry...going to my daughter's.


And a watercolor from exactly 10 years ago, of my mother's back yard that May.



I taught a class on this flag quilt....

And I sold this art piece

Here is the woman who received it for Mother's Day.


So, a busy, happy month here!

And soon, off to see these little ones!



Monday, April 25, 2016

Almost through April...sewing and baking...prom time too!

My grandson (who made his first soccer goal...and then played goalie...)


asked for an outfit...Naturo, some kind of Ninja anime character...

So I set to work to collect some orange durable, but inexpensive fabric(s).,,and to find a pattern which I could adapt...

Cut and get it to him before he outgrows it....

He got it today....and I got this photo!

Looks like it fits!


Granddaughter went to junior prom...beautiful!


I tried a recipe for Japanese cheesecake....

Soft as a cloud, but still has the cream cheese, butter and egg taste! Oh, and I used coconut flour so it is gluten free! Not too sweet, either!



This quilt came back from Sonja Koch the long arm quilter!

It is for my great nephew, Lane also a junior in high school! Blocks were started by Mom. Lane is her first great grandchild!


Check my painting blog to see how I am struggling to do a double portrait....her is a rough sketch...

And a background....


Saturday, April 09, 2016

April art times! And recap of life!!!!

This is now finished and hanging in my studio! Influenced by artist Faith Ringgold!

I am working to add patchwork and stitching on this art piece too!
Using a sashiko needle, I am able to embellish the painting with per level cotton stitches!
The patchwork border will come later...
This week I have been able to do other art too!
Friends came and we did watercolor....
Featuring a fabulous tulip bouquet from the local farmer's market.

Moving from watercolor to acrylics ....
These are finished now....?...I think!

And 2 smaller ones...which may still see some finishing!

The store where I have a part time job is I will have even more art and creative time.

I have plenty of fabric, and am making scrappy quilts and quilt tops for various family members and for charity!

And sewing for grandchildren!
Sophie in a dress I made!

moving towards grey hair....saving $$$$ as we are on Social Security!
I thank God for my many dear friends, especially those with whom I share such good times!
With Karen at a birthday for Tracie!
With Gayle and her granddaughters, friends Sally and Liz, at a French restaurant in Carthage, MO.
April is great, and today is friend Sally's birthday!
Our lilacs...on a windy day!
Hope to be back with more good things soon!

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Wow! Real Senior Moments!

It has been an amazing week! Valentines and more!


Today is our 43rd wedding anniversary! Things are good!

One week ago, two days after retiring from his job of the last 12.5 years, husband, Steve had a small stroke!

(He wasted no time in using Medicare!)

Lots of tests and a couple of days in the hospital...he is on the mend!

Here we are sharing our dessert at the restaurant tonight. Of course, we are trying to eat very healthy things now...but the dessert was a free gift to us because of the occasion! One dessert and 2 calories that way! LOL!


We really did enjoy it!!!!


We have flowers from our son and daughter in law! They are opening, I will have to paint them!

Steve's periphrial vision was affected. So he is not legal to drive for a bit! It will improve.


I have been having hand and arm am giving this quilt to a co-worker who has a little girl. She will have to sew the binding down! That will make it mean even more to them!

Here is our youngest cute! He will be crawling soon!

Across the continent ....My son in law sent this cool photo of one of the twins, "Nina bird" and himself!

Love that they send us photos! Would love to see them more!!!

Here are the twins 3 years ago when they were 20 months old!

"Nina bird" is in the car, Sophie is pushing her.


I sent these little leggings and tops to the twins this week. Hope they enjoy them! I am trying to sew up some of my stash!


I am working on adding a patchwork border to one of my collage paintings. Like Faith Ringgold does.....

here I am testing fabrics for the border...back later with the result!


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