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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Gray days, painting sunshine!

This is a dark week in our country's history.....he is not worthy of the office to which he will be instated tomorrw!

To counteract the anxiety and depression this has brought on, I bought flowers on Saturday.
Now, I will just post lots of photos of the flowers and the paintings in various stages!













These flowers have lasted! I put them out on the unheated but glassed in porch at night....
Here is the beginning of today's painting....


Working loosely and into wet paper, causing the paints to flow. That's good for now, will work on crisper edges later....watercolor, it's all about the flow and the edges! 


Tuesday, January 17, 2017

2017 begins....can't stop time!

Now a New Year....hoping for the best.

Our grandkids were back, hugging their big sister....whom they had not seen for 2 weeks!


(I LOVE this photo!)


We visited the grandkids while they were with our daughter in Georgia. It was a more stressful time than when they were here with us.
Their father is going to try for full custody....which will be heartbreaking and bank account breaking.

One nice time there, we took the youngest three out to the park in their apartment complex.



This was the day before a winter storm arrived, our last outing before the ice and snow. They loved it! We did too!
The big brother, Bindley was great at helping the twins get some balance going on the twin being almost 2x the other in weight!

The next day the storm had struck....but the streets weren't bad for long and the kids loved going out then coming in for hot chocolate!



Little Nina worked silently and steadily on her coloring sheets and tracing with a crayons light box (!). The she drew an entire "Kroger store" for her stuffed animal to shop was inside a large plastic tub! She has a great imagination!


(I know several quilters who would have loved this light box for tracing appliqué patterns! Are our grandkids blessed with new technology or what???)



Detail of Nina's store!
We think she is a real talent in art and design!


Laura has lots of help in her office! Bindley is a cute helpful big brother! All of them like their tablets!


Sophie explores in mom's office, .....with her tablet....


The laundry never ends! Sophie loves to help load it too!
On tiptoe!


All that work made for a nice afternoon nap while being rocked by Grandma!


Loved seeing them and helping! We drove home in one long (for us) the steam from the nuclear energy plant looks black against the sunset sky!


Monday, December 05, 2016

Early Christmas for us!

We had our family together so it was good, after Thanksgiving, to go ahead and put up the tree!

The grands were so excited to help!
First the ornaments.....



This is Nina's "area" how she groups the pinks!!! 


Then running to put presents under the tree!!!


The next day, after breakfast, opening and playing with the presents!


Art supplies and troll dolls. 
Here is the art the sketch book!


That afternoon we baked and decorated cookies! Tasha Tudor sugar cookies!
Here is the recipe!





Then to make a great moment, we took the little ones downtown to see the Lights of the Ozarks!..

Happy girls riding ponies!


Steve and Laura share a hug!


Then bedtime, and a bedtime story!


Happy times for us!

Sunday, December 04, 2016

Will the Third time be the charm?? Maybe I am getting this!!!???

A painting given to raise money at a silent auction....


Now let's try the new app....

Here goes! I did the post about a week was good, but would not now I am choosing photos and just saying a little about each!
My daughter and her children were here when some of us came home from the community meal at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church. She had driven 12 hours from Georgia to spend a few days with us!!!

This little granddaughter loves art and drawing!


Grandson, just had a birthday, so more nerf toys were unwrapped!


We created a target for him down in the basement!
While sister Nina found delight in my bag of scraps!


More art time!


The other young Granddaughter loves to the kitchen ......


Then Laura, Lilia and Bindley cooked Thanksgiving dinner for us!


The table runner was from the church sewing group! A find for sure! Complete with turkeys!


I am going to post this before I lose or mess it up....still learning this app!

One last photo of 3 of the grandkids hanging out at bedtime! Sweet and cute! Even the 17 year-old!


Under a quilt made by my grandmother, my mom and myself! Life is good!

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