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Saturday, October 08, 2016

Ozark Folk Ways fiber arts festival

This was a beautiful cooler morning! My friend Suzanne drove us to Winslow, Arkansas (population 300+). It was the day of their fiber arts festival at the Ozark Folk Ways center. It is in this large older native stone building, once a home and then for a brief time, a convent....but the focus today was fiber, glorious fiber!

The building is in the back of this photo....which shows how the trees were "yarn bombed" with knit and crochet!
Suzanne taking some photos too!

The sign out by the road had this hexagon beauty!
Inside there were antique quilts.

And some peddler dolls made in the 1940's. I know that collecting those baskets of merchandise for the dolls is part of the fun of making them! I once worked on making a peddler doll, myself.
This was a quilt called a wedding quilt, which featured interesting textiles from Japan...
It is a wonderful example of sashiko stitching, the white thread on the indigo.

Spinning and weaving are local crafts represented...
Hand spun yarn knits up beautifully!

Visitors were often wearing beautiful textiles too!
Lacemaking is demonstrated!
There was a room of quilts offered for sale!
Basket makers and painters also had their work for sale!

Vines and bittersweet decorate the ceiling for the season!

We had a very good time, I am so glad we took the time to go!
[The Ozark Folk Ways center is right next to the Our Lady of the Ozarks Shrine]

Friday, September 30, 2016

Winding up September and wandering into the past!

That daughter is moving into a new home and asked me to sew bed pockets so that her children could have a place to store their favorite I did!

Blue for Bindley, pink for Nina and purple for Sophie! Here is a photo of them seeing their new bedroom!

The children are moving into their future....meanwhile on September 24, friends from the past gathered...
Our Arkadelphia high school reunion!
Sally, JoAnn and I had lunch at a local cafe which now serves beer! It was a dry county when we were there!

While in the downtown area we discovered they have an art center, in the old movie theater....more later on that..
These beautiful zinnias and the swallowtail butterfly were on a corner downtown,,,,

We had a great time in nearby Glen Rose at a lodge/camp run by one of our classmates.
Here is our group photo,
Look for the indigo tie dye (shibori) and you will have found me! LOL!
I gave the daffodil painting to Sally, and she had the perfect dark blue wall for the yellow blossoms!

While at the art center, I learned that there would soon be an art show and sale of prints by one of my former college art teachers, Edwin Martin. There would be a reception too! I could see my former mentor!

I own a large oil painting which he painted in the 1970's,
the subject is the legend Leda and Zeus but set in subtropical south Louisiana or Florida...
So I was VERY EXCITED and motivated to make the trip back down there!
The show was extensive, 40+ years of printmaking! I only managed to take a few photos, and not during the reception itself!

And this is the one (below) which now belongs to me!
Seeing Ed Martin was just wonderful, he is a delight! I was lucky to know him!
Art so enriches my world!

First half of September!

Labor Day weekend was a indigo tie dye party for us!





We had some wonderful results!




I wore my new indigo tunic to our downtown wear a new mural has appeared!





I had a wonderful time, and the weather was perfect at "Art in the Park" on September 17.

My good friend Sandra and I had a booth!


Sales were good!


We met other artists, including Annetta Gregory.

I have to love Annetta's zinnias! (Above)

Gayle bought these fabulous asters at the farmer's market there on the Bentonville square!

Later at home, I found one of my paintings from the first time I was trying watercolor. A scene of aspen and a river.

Daughter, Laura had a wonderful trip to Mexico!

That is enough fun for the first half of the month! The last days of summer!!!



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